Give your html tables added ZING! with the DataTable WordPress Plugin.

Sample table data without DataTable plugin

Sample table data WITH DataTable plugin

This plugin adds the functionality of the DataTables jQuery table plugin for DOM to your html tables.

Once installed, simply create a table in one of your pages or posts (using the example from the link above), and set the table id=”web-dot-unc-datatable” as shown in the code example below.  Then enjoy the added benefit of sorting and search to your table!

<table id="web-dot-unc-datatable" class="display" width="100%" cellspacing="0">...

Download version 1 of the plugin here.

Note: This plugin was created as a way to build a custom sortable table using dynamic content created from the wpTypes and wpViews plugins.

Thanks to the creators of the DataTable plugin for jQuery for making this possible.