Oct. 21, 2015 – Began reading about the benefits of nasal breathing yesterday after concerns of dehydration during my upcoming MCM run crept into my mind.  My thought was that breathing through my mouth would lead to a faster release/exhaling of moisture from my body and speed  dehydration.   I found an article on the buteyko breathing method and decided to give it a try, not only to help prevent dehydration but to test the health benefits of the practice.

On Oct. 24 I tested it in my 12th MCM.  I was able to nasal breath the entire race minus the final 100 yard push to the finish.  I did feel it helped cut down on the dehydration and my usual nasal irritation.  It may have stressed my muscles by proving less oxygen, since I had to walk the last 5 miles, but that could have been attributed to a different running style as well.

Fast forward to May 2016.  I breath through my nose exclusively now (maybe a breath or two out each day through my mouth if I am out for a hard run, but almost never breath in through my mouth anymore).  I do feel the nasal breathing has prevented a sinus infection over the past 7 months of practicing (something I have been prone to getting each year ever since I can remember).  I had a very scratchy throat for several days a few months ago; an event which has always led to a sinus infection.  But this time, no infection.  I will update this post if anything changes for the worse, but so far so good.