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Month: February 2016

Photoshop CS4 batch large number of images in subfolders

The other day I was trying to debug a Photoshop action to apply auto contrast to a large directory with many sub directories of images and simply save the file (not a copy).  I could not figure out why my images would not close and would lock up Photoshop because it would load all of the images but never close them.  I had specified a save and close event in my action, but not luck.  I then tried removing the close event in the action, keeping the save event (simply save, and not ‘save as’).  Then when running the batch process I chose the ‘save and close’ option in the batch process, and that seemed to fix the issue.

Tagging JPG images for WordPress media library

I was trying to find a way to quickly tag my JPG images going into WordPress so I could search on the images based on how they were tagged.

Well I did figure out one way if you are on a Windows computer and you are simply uploading images files like JPG. If you ‘tag’ your images with a title before uploading to WordPress then the WordPress media library will pick up the title of the image and add it as the title of the media file in WordPress. Titles are searchable in the media library.
So in my use-case, I have a folder of images I want to upload to WordPress. These images will be used for a slideshow so I will apply a title of ‘2016.02.29MeetingPictures’ to all the images. I simply select all of the images in Windows Explorer (and with the Details Pane enabled in Explorer) I type or paste ‘2016.02.29MeetingPictures’ into the Title property for the images. Once those titles are saved I upload to media library and can find the image files simply by searching on ‘2016.02.29’ or ‘meeting’, or ‘2016.02.29MeetingPictures’.
It would be great if the media library were able to read the tags for the images but it does not appear to do it.

So maybe not the most beautiful solution but works for what I need.

Below is a link to the thread describing the issue and other posted solutions.


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