Conquest PACS is a great application. I could not live without it and Sante DICOM editor in my day to day work.

One thing I had forgotten Conquest is able to do, is rename DICOM files sent to it. If you are not a power user of Conquest PACS you probably do not realize you can drag DICOM images (or a directory of DICOM files) from your Windows file explorer into the Conquest PACS server dialog window and the images will import into the PACS for you, renaming the files in the process. This will simply rename all of you DICOM images to use the Series Instance UID in the DICOM header of the images (header element – 0020,000E). If you are collecting DICOM files from many different sites and radiograph CR machines (each with their own file naming conventions), this method of file renaming is useful in standardizing the file naming to one common DICOM element. Having all of your DICOM files names set to the Series Instance UID makes it easier later on if you need to anonymize the images to send to researchers.

To setup a quick and dirty PACS using Conquest, simply copy the Conquest files to a new directory (if you are simply wanting to use the software to rename images). Run the simple install using the SQLite database (which does not require you to do any fancy database configuration).  Choose where you want your new images to be saved and simply drag and drop your DICOM files into the Conquest dialog.  Done.