If you have Google Sync running on your computer and your photos are being automatically uploaded to Google Drive, is there a way to create a Google Album from those photos in Drive and save you the process of uploading the images to Google Photos manually?

Answer: Yes.

By default Google Drive simply organizes your photos based on the date.  If you look in My Drive > Google Photos you will probably only see folders by year.  If however you create a folder named ‘xyz123’ within My Drive > Google Photos and move a few images to this new folder, then visit the Google Photo Albums site at and search on album name ‘xyz123’ then you should see the images from the Google Drive folder you created.

Now that you have done this however you need to select all of the images on this Google Photos page to add the images to a new Google Photo Album (as they are not yet in the Google Photo Album format that allows for adding text and sorting).

So remember to simply move your photos into a unique folder named under the Google Photos folder in Google Drive and then you will be able search for these ‘tagged’ photos in Google Photo Albums search.