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Month: December 2015

Aastra 6731i call forwarding disabled

The other day the call forwarding feature was turned off on my phone.Β  Going through the options menu did not help as the call forwarding options (mentioned on page 31 of this manual) no longer existed or were not accessible through the Options menu.Β  I found that restarting the phone (Option/6 Restart Phone) fixed the problem, enabling call forwarding and correcting the options menu.

Creating a print ribbon spool from an old highlighter marker

JpegBarcode printers such as the Zebra TLP 2824 Plus (Thermal Transfer) printer need a small print spool for use withΒ  the print ribbon.Β  While there is a cardboard spool that comes with the printer, if you misplace the spool I found a standard highligher marker (as shown above) has the same diameter as the print ribbon spool for this printer.Β  While I have not needed to make a print spool myself, you should be able to recycle (or rather upcycle) an old highlighter by simply cutting the marker body in half (at the same length as the print ribbon core) and you should be all set.

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